Green New Deal Plan - InternetEducation

Universal Pre-K and Childcare

According to the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, providing pre-k for all children would cost about $40 billion per year, and would yield about 9 to 1 benefits. Elizabeth Warren's child care program would cost about $70 billion per year. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has a plan that provides both child care and pre-K for $140 billion. So let's say it would cost $120 billion


According to Pollin and Peltier, Table A2, primary and secondary education yields almost 19 jobs per million dollars. So $120 billion per year would yield about 2,280,000 jobs. Let's say 10% would be for manufacturing supplies and furniture.

A note about k-12

As of 2015, the nation as a whole spent about $650 billion on K-12. Of this, about $55 billion was provided by the Federal government.