Green New Deal Plan

Federal Internet and Education Program

It has always been the responsibility of the government to create most human capital, that is, the skills needed for production in the national economy. The United States now lags behind other countries, consistent with the Reagan era campaign of destroying the government's capacity to build up the country. So whether or not there is a climate emergency, the United States needs an expansion of Federal assistance with education, particularly before kindergarten, aid which yields great returns on investment. But since there is a climate emergency, and since that emergency will require a transformation of many areas of American life, it is even more urgent that the American population be well-educated and highly skilled, so that a transformation to a sustainable economy can take place. At the center of this upgrade should be the creation of an Interstate High-Speed Internet System that is faster and more reliable than the one we have, and that also includes what is called 'cloud' computing, that is, the computer processing and storage on the internet, for instance what Amazon Web Services provides to businesses could be provided to governments, schools, and even individuals.

Interstate High-Speed Internet System
Build/rebuild school facilities
Universal Childcare and Pre-K
Free Public College