Marcus Raskin's review of Manufacturing Green Prosperity

Jon Rynn's work is a most carefully crafted analysis of how our economy works, including the discussion of the role of industrial management and generation of industrial design from machine tools to railroad cars and other implements of mobility and generation of a modern society. Indeed, he takes us to the importance of disarmament and demilitarization as cost saving as a necessary means to rebuild our depleted infrastructure.
But he takes us further. He shows us that the trillions we are wasting comes down to two very important concerns. One is the need for our desire to be cognizant of developing ecologically or at environmentally sound industry and industrial design. There can be no contradiction between the "greening of America" and the machine retooling of America. Seymour Melman, Rynn's teacher, would be very proud.
Just as there is a contradiction between the national security state which is based on "neither war nor peace", so it is that the US has been and continues to be a warrior state with no benefits to it except those which illusion brings. This state of affairs dictates failure for the US.
Marcus Raskin is the co-founder of the Institute for Policies and the author of numerous books, including "Liberalism: The genius of American Ideals" (2003), and with Robert Spero, "The Four Freedoms under Seige: The clear and present danger from our national security state" (2009)