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The book After Capitalism: From managerialism to workplace democracy, by Seymour Melman, 2001, Alfred A. Knopf, publisher, is available at Amazon books

Table of contents

PART I From Feudalism to Captialism, and After

1 The Shape of Production Under State Capitalism

2 The Founding Alienation of Capitalism

Part II State and Corporate Managers Impose Alienation by Destroying Production Capacity

3 The United States as a Third-Rate Economy

4 State Managers Accumulate military Power Without Limit

5 The Hidden Costs of Campaigning for World Hegemony

6 The Lessons of Soviet Russia: From Alienation to Production Collapse

Part III Managing as Deindustrialization Proceeds

7 The Attempt to Make Workers and Unions Obsolete

8 Management Promotes Ownership Without Control

PART IV Workers, White Collar and Blue, Create a Process of Disalienated
Decision-Making for an Economy and Society After Capitalism

9 Creating Workplace Democracy

10 White Collar Joins the Blue

11 Disalienation by Design: Installing Workplace Democracy

PART V Advancing Workplace Democracy

12 The Advancing Processes of Capitalism and Workplace Democracy

Conclusion: An Exit Path from Capitalism to Workplace Democracy

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