Green New Deal Plan

Zero pollution, recycling-based production

Economies are based on production, and production is dependent on the infrastructure. The economic rationale for a large-scale infrastructure-building program is to rebuild the manufacturing and other parts of the production system. Instead of using up fast disappearing resources such as oil, fresh water and various metals, the Federal government should set up a national recycling system that will provide most of the inputs for the production system. This would include organic material to compost for the redesigned agricultural system. Agriculture needs government help to move from dependence on pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other fossil fuel inputs to organic farming located close to towns and cities. Factories need help to convert themselves into nonpolluting entities. Companies need help redesigning products that can be pulled apart and reused instead of being thrown away as garbage. Water systems need to be upgraded.

Another possibility is Zero Waste, which would involve emphasizing design of products so that they can be re-used, not recycled.